What our members say:

Crosscut Crossfit has done so much for me over the past five years and Dave and Darlene are awesome coaches. Prior to joining CCCF I was participating in "chronic cardio" and was a vegetarian. After 5 years of Crossfit, I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life. Over those 5 years, I've gained muscle while dropping 3 pants sizes and losing 20 pounds of fat. I still love outdoor sport activities, but Crossfit has made me a better athlete in every category. Crossfit has changed my life and I could not be more grateful . 

— Kristin R. Frane


After three years of CrossFit, I'm stronger, faster, fitter, and healthier in my mid-40’s, even compared to my days as a competitive lumberjack in my twenties and thirties. Thank you, Dave, Darlene, the 9 a.m. class, and my workout partner and wife Salle.

"Crossfit is not for everyone. It's for anyone willing to walk through the door.”

— Dustin Beckwith


It is such a gift to a first class facility like Crosscut Crossfit in our small northern town.  Better yet, the owners, Dave and Darlene are first class trainers.  I've trained here since 2012 and give them full credit for the strength and agility I have achieved going into my seventies.  It's not for everyone, but if you commit to the high energy, endurance and willingness it takes to be better than you ever imagined, this could be a lifetime program for you.  It is for me.

— Cathy Gormanson


CrossFit has helped me improve mentally and physically. I have gotten stronger and faster at everything I do in my workouts. The coaches and athletes at our CrossFit box are very friendly and will help you with movements that you might need to improve. One thing that makes me keep coming back is that I love CrossFit, and I want to be better tomorrow than I was today. CrossFit is a sport for anyone of any age.  "It's not how far you’re hoping to go, it’s how far you're willing to go."

— Brode Beckwith


Sure, I’m stronger, more flexible, and have better coordination since joining CrossFit a few years ago, but more than that, I’m healthier and that makes me happier! Dave and Darlene Prois have gone above and beyond to help us understand the impact of good eating habits in combination with CrossFit training. This combination shows real change in body structure as well as medical exams. 

— Kathy Pachal


Looking for something new? This is the place to find it. New equipment frequently arrives at CCCF. No matter your level or experience with CrossFit, this box has all the latest equipment you’ll need and the facility is very well maintained. Add to that  a bunch of great people to work out with, and you’ll enjoy your experience here. 

— Jim Hong


The best testimonial about what CrossCut Cross Fit has done for me, came from my husband. We needed to move a heavy dresser and Randy simply said, “You are strong.” And we hefted the dresser. I need to thank Dave and Darlene Prois for taking me from someone who could not do a single sit-up to a strong furniture mover. Through workouts scaled to your abilities, Dave and Darlene work with where you are and help you get to where you want to be.

— Joan Cervenka


Thanks Dave and Darlene for your daily attention to scheduling interesting, constantly changing, yet challenging workouts. Your flexibility allows maximum performance for all ages and  ability levels. Also, thank you for your never-ending support and guidance. CrossFit has made me stronger and healthier, without a doubt.

— Ken Brummel


I'm 75 years old and I've never been stronger in my life. I've been going to CrossCut CrossFit for six years and have seen my overall fitness and flexibility improve substantially. It's a thrill to be able to see gains and strength increases. Among other things, I can do toes to bar, overhead squats and strict pull-ups that were impossible when I started. As an aging senior who likes sports and continues to do heavy lifting around our property, I worry about having to cut back on what I do. That will eventually happen but slowing the aging process and extending my quality of life for as long as possible is vital to me.

— Scott Smith


I started CrossFit five years ago, when I was nearly 60 years old. I greatly enjoy the coaching, camaraderie, friendship and support I have received. My medical numbers have never been better. 

— Randy Pachal


I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost three years and I am still managing to get new personal bests. Dave and Darlene tailor our workouts and goals to our individual and group capabilities. I’m 73 and one of six 70-somethings who regularly work out at CrossCut CrossFit. At a recent weigh-in I had lost a few pounds while gaining some lean mass. It works for me.

— Brian Dugle

What our visitors say:

This place and the people were awesome. Dave and Darlene could not have been more welcoming, and the members were great. I drop in a lot when I travel and always appreciate when the coach treats you like a regular, Dave was even better and my biggest regret was not being able to go more. I will be back next summer! Training with legit lumber jacks and lumber jills was fun. 

— Colin Shea, Covington, LA


We felt welcomed by the owners and members from the moment we walked in. The gym was beautiful with great equipment. The owners took time to chat for a bit before class and did a great job explaining how the class works. The programming was on point. A very difficult but fun WOD, Darlene spent most of the class working with my wife during her first drop in and fifth CrossFit class ever. We will be back over this year’s stay and I will return every summer we visit the Hayward area. CrossCut is top-notch facility. If you have the chance to drop in, do it! 

— Colin Thimmel, Ixonia, WI


Really enjoyed dropping in at CrossCut...welcoming and very knowledgeable coaches...great equipment...and best of all a great little CrossFit community. Don’t miss the opportunity to drop-in here if you’re on vacation...or miss this treasure of a fitness community if it’s in your neck of the woods! Will certainly be back! 

— Abbie Meinen, Cedar Grove, WI


Not only do they an amazing knowledgeable staff, they have an even more amazing community. Awesome cozy little gym but with plenty of equipment to get a great workout in! Highly suggest dropping in and getting a workout in! 

— Mike Wudtke, Franklin, WI


My girlfriend and I were visiting Wisconsin and decided to drop in. As we are regular CrossFitters in Colorado, we were hoping for an equivalent gym on our vacation. Dave and Darlene exceeded our expectations. They made us feel at home even though we were only there for a few short days. Dave made sure to share his knowledge with each of us. Both Dave and Darlene are clearly dedicated to their members, constantly working with everyone. Exceptional gym, exceptional people. 

— Tim Wilson, Colorado


I dropped in from Oklahoma City and David and Darlene were very welcoming and friendly. I love this box great equipment and atmosphere. Great coaching and WOD was fun. This is a must drop in if you are in the area and if you live near by I highly recommend joining. 

— Ian Jones, Oklahoma City, OK


Been vacationing in Hayward for several years and finally found this gym. As a powerlifter I was hesitant what my experience might be at a CrossFit box. The members, staff, and management were all welcoming and accommodating. Great atmosphere, equipment, and people. Highly recommended. 

— Pete Nees, Racine, WI


10242 White Birch Lane, Hayward, Wisconsin 54843


715-558-0115 or 715-558-0199